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Advanced Tools

Tools for Success

At Physician Billing Specialists we offer advanced tools to better serve your business needs.

Advanced Internet Access Functions

  • Benefit Eligibility Verification (Batch and Individual)

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

  • Remote Capture Banking

  • Hospital Database records and patient demographic downloads

  • Live payer data for every Accounts Receivable Specialists

Document Imaging and Mangagement

  • Provides a paperless environment

  • Rapid staff access for EOB’s and other pertinent patient related data

  • Intelligent and fast document search and retrieval

  • Universal document access vial and standard web browsers

  • Long-term document accessibility and preservation

  • Simplified retention schedule management

  • Protection from unauthorized access and alteration

Computerized Coding Software

  • Advanced coding software allows for a more productive, accurate, and efficient coding process and PQRI Reporting

HL7 Connectivity Engine for Daily Electronic Downloads

  • Client Charges

  • Virtually error-free data transfer

  • Client data protected in individual modules

  • Database configured for specific client needs

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