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Why Outsource?

Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive some common questions regarding why a practice should outsource to us. Here are a few.

Why Are You Being “Pushed” to File Electronically?

  • Paper claims errors from typos or handwriting are horrible (no way to edit claims before reaching the insurance adjuster).

  • Paper claims are edited by a person, which leaves room for editing errors.

  • Paper claims do not leave a trail for tracking, they get lost in the mail or jammed in a fax.

Have You Considered Outsourcing To An Outside Medical Billing Center?

  • Outsourcing your medical billing claims can be very profitable for physicians because it eliminates all the daily expenses associated with keeping their medical billing in-house. It is their responsibility to relinquish these expenses from your practice, enabling you to receive greater profitability.

Quick Fact:

  • On an average, physician’s offices pay an Office Manager $1,620.00(1) per week, PLUS costs of software, envelopes, postage, forms, and MORE. Providers then put much more work on the office manager, and he/she is not able to keep up with the billing and practice management. Physicians are finding claims being unpaid, follow-up is not being done, and that results in a slow and poor cash flow.

If Electronic Filing Is The Way To Go… Why Don’t All Doctors Do It?

  • They don’t have time to train staff and keep them updated with insurance regulations.

  • They are reluctant to make the financial investment in specialized software and additional hardware needed.

  • They don’t have time to go to seminars and join affiliations that keep them up to date with the insurance changes.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Outsourcing?

  • Shortened insurance payment cycles of 10-14 days

  • Increased cash flow

  • Reduced outstanding accounts receivable

  • Decreased office paperwork

  • Lowered supply and postage costs

  • Customized reports analyzing your practice

  • Patient Account Management by a highly qualified professional.

  • Your system of Practice Management is Not Altered

  • No need to invest thousands into a new system.

  • No need to train your staff on a new and sometimes complicated system.

  • You save money and time.

  • Access your patient account information via your own computer.

Physician Billing Specialists make sure your claims are submitted within 48 hours. If a claim is not paid within 30 days, we contact the carrier and follow-up immediately. We make sure you get paid for your time. We make sure all claims are filed electronically so insurance carriers have no excuse for not expediting payment, as well as making excuses for missing claims. Paper claims take well over 30 days for processing, and there is no electronic remittance to be sure your claims are received.

By outsourcing with Physician Billing Specialists, you get to spend more time with your patients and get paid for that time appropriately. Your staff is happier, and they can efficiently do their job, which is to make sure your patients are comfortable and happy. We rid you of the expense of costly software, training, continued education, and supplies!

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